Transfer knowledge.
Compound skills.

Developer collaboration framework.

Unblocking software projects

One hour from an expert might save tens of hours of work for another developer.

Your software engineers have to use tens of open source projects.

Is any one of your teams proficient in all of them? It's highly unlikely that developers in one team are an expert in all of them. But large organizations usually have the in-house expertise.

Find your in-house expert at the moment of need!

Unlock The Power Of Bottom-Up Collaboration

Software Blockers

One hour from an in-house expert developer can save hours for another developer. The organization moves faster.

Architectural Decisions

One uses a scalpel to perform surgery, and a chainsaw to cut a tree. Different tools are better suited for different tasks. Multi-threading. Queueing. Authentication and authorization. The software world has to perform a myriad of surgeries and cut a plethora of trees. Create ad-hoc focus groups with experts to choose the best solution for your use-case.

Problem Solving

Innovation thrives when novel concepts are put together. Explore new ways of doing things. Get sanity checked by experts. Create dynamic teams to solve the most pressing business concerns, in real-time.